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If you sign up* through GPSCE your main session times are below, but you are welcome to join any of the times for your session any week (see middle)

4:00-5:15PM Advanced (Skilled Scrawlers)

and 5:20-6:35PM Basic (Super Sketchers)

You will be sent a Zoom link and a sheet to print every Wednesday night. Occasionally we'll need more than a pencil for the session and we'll let you know, but most lessons are as simple as a printed sheet and pencil

*Scroll to Youth Enrichment -> Drawing/Illustration

Draw Club is a weekly drawing class where we explore all kinds of drawing styles and subjects together. Classes run approximately two hours.

Each class is stand alone, though we try to draw in 4-week themes. Classes are now all online and available from anywhere over Zoom. See the cemter column for times and class offerings. Draw Clubbers will receive a list of supplies needed and digital sheets to print for the week's lesson.  Usually we just need a pencil and eraser, but sometimes ink pens, markers, rulers and even a mirror. The list is also in the info when purchasing.

Draw Club is always evolving and our goals are:

•to encourage kids to draw

•to give kids the tools and techniques to draw well

•to provide a safe, fun drawing community

•to remain affordable for anyone


2022-2023 SCHEDULE:


This is a Manga drawing session from last year. Drawing starts at the 4 minute mark. We're always evolving, but classes run generally like this.

We follow a flexible session structure:

•5 minute talk about the day's lesson

•45 min/1 hr step-by-step drawing with Mr Wade

•15-25 minutes of applying concepts to our own art

I am not sure what magic spell you did last week, but Will came home and proceeded to draw ten more drawings! On Saturday he did more, and Sunday...his brothers followed in the fun and they all were drawing!

-Heather V (Mom)

Hannah listed Draw Club as her high today when we did highs and lows :)

-Bekah W (Mom)

Dear Mr Wade, I had too much fun with you this year!

-Ellie U (Student)

I hope next year is as great or greater than this year! Manga was one of my favorite drawing styles we learned.

-Mak S (Student)

Draw Club is structured in monthly  themes so that we can explore various techniques and styles of drawing a little more in-depth that we might in single lessons. In general the year follows these themes:


We launch with simple character development and enhancement


Cartoon strips and panels help us move into cartoon narratives


Graphic stories and visual story thinking to create full adventures


Fun with holiday art and personal drawing (journals, etc)


Classic illustration techniques help us improve realism


Comic books and superhero themed exercises


Manga style drawings and story/action development


Art for classic games, film and video games


Drawing for a living: T-Shirts, Logos, Architecture, Kids' Books


Putting other's ideas down in visual form

Draw Club: Learning to Communicate Ideas Visually

One of the greatest inventions of all time is the pencil. Think of how many amazing buildings, organizations, products, events, pieces of art, expressions of love, games and movies started with someone putting those ideas down on paper with a pencil. Southwest airlines started with a triangle on the back of a napkin!

Draw Club isn't about making your child Michelangelo, it's about giving them the power to pull ideas out of their head, give those ideas meaning others can grasp, and building confidence to share those ideas with others. The concepts that will shape the future will come from those who can combine ideas and express them visually so others can understand.

And if a child just so happens to have an unreal talent for the artistic side of drawing, well, Draw Club can develop that, too!

Scribble Shapers

Early Learner Ages 4-7    Th 2-2:30PM,

Fr 10-10:30AM, or Friday 5-5:30PM     Sign Up

Super Sketchers

Beginner Ages 7-15    Th 5:20-6:35PM,

Fr 1:30-2:45PM, or Friday 7-8:15PM     Sign Up

Skilled Scrawlers

Advanced Ages 4-7    Th 4-5:15PM,

Fr 3-4:15PM, or Friday 8:30-9:45PM     Sign Up

Superfly Storytellers

Project Class Ages 11-18

Th 7-8:00PM, Fr 6-7:00PM     Sign Up

Senior Stylus

Adults Ages 18+ Th 8-9:15PM, Th 8:00-9:15PM, or Friday Noon-1:15PM     Sign Up