GooGenius is a Limited Liability Company established in 2007 in Holland, MI


Our founder has always loved newspaper comics. He played professional basketball in Europe for 15 years. In the old world they use cartoons for a lot more than gags in the newspaper, they use visual metaphor to ask hard questions and teach each other through stories. That’s a great paradigm. It’s going to  play a bigger and bigger role in online education and mobile communication as the world continues to get connected. A simply drawn character or scene not only describes a situation, it helps you “feel” the situation by tapping in to the brain centers that you make judgements with. It’s communication your mind doesn’t have to assign new meaning to because it’s given in a format that your brain already understands from experience.

Certainly, GOO is subjective. But there are rules that work, and the world is learning more of them every day. GooGenius is the first business solely dedicated to communicating with cartoons, experimenting with Goo, and developing the best formats and applications for visual communication. We Goo because we believe in it. Goo is the future. How can we help you Goo?

Wade Gugino: Owner & CEO

•Has wanted to be a cartoonist since

  he was 5 (nearly 40 years ago)

•Played professional basketball in

  Europe for 15 years

•Speaks French, loves his wife, kids

  and food that is bad for him

•Wants GooGenius to grow into a

  multinational cartoon media icon

Eva Marie Gugino: Sales & Administrative Director

•Spent years as a 4-H Camp Program

  Director in upstate New York

•Modeled in New York and Europe

  for 12 years

•Speaks French, loves her husband,

  kids, and food that is good for her

•Will move back to Paris someday

Goo Goals:

  1. 1.Do things with graphic layouts, comics, mobile apps, animation and graphic novels that people have never seen before. 

  1. 2.Create tools that help others to Goo (mix images and text for better idea sharing).

  1. 3.Find ways to enhance other forms of

    communication with cartoon techniques.

  1. 4.Promote right and left brained integration through reading and creating graphic works.

5. Get others in touch with beautiful illustrated

    art and stories from all over the world.  

6. Develop new ways to market and apply

    cartoons to consumer interests.

Goo is an acronym for Graphic Optimum Overlay.

Graphic Optimum Overlay is the best application of images to your message.

True, this is not an exact science. That’s why we like the term “Goo”. But Goo is quantifiable, it follows simple but powerful visual rules, and it can be used to make everyone’s communication better. Goo is Genius.

Graphic Optimum Overlay is:

•Creating the best images that resonate with your audience.

•Choosing the best ratio of text to graphics.

•Choosing the best ways of combining text and graphics to get your ideas across to

  people quickly and intuitively.

Cartoons, with all of their situational, emotional and humorous cues, are particularly well suited to Goo. So that’s what we do. We Goo. We can help you Goo, too.

Wade draws all the cartoons and lays out all of our content. He works directly with clients to give them exactly what they need. He also develops new products and tests them in the market.

Eva Marie manages communications with new clients, sales calls, all of our social media, contract employees, and accounting.

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