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Invest in GooGenius

Invest in GooGenius

GooGenius is looking for investment to help us build an international cartoon media company.

We’d love your support or investment.

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Click to read our CDCI Pilot results. This first study is VERY encouraging!

If you’re searching for an excellent program to make a tax-deductible gift to, please consider the WMCC’s  Character Development through Cartoons Initiative. You can donate through PayPal at the top of the page. To find out more about the CDCI, or to donate offline, visit the WMCC’s website

We have partnered with The West Michigan Character Council (WMCC) to develop our Goo Guys & Gals®™ Graphic Reader series and educational materials for their regional Character Development through Cartoons Initiative (CDCI). We believe this

CDCI is simply the best way to positively impact the lives of our children in our are in both the immediate and long-term future.

The WMCC is helping us test and distribute books and materials in Ottawa County, MI through the Ottawa Area Intermediate School District, Kids Hope USA, Ready for School and with help from the Community Foundation of the Holland and Zeeland Area.

For Profit

Online aftermarket for international graphic

asset customization

Intuitive, visual business and industrial

signs with integrated digital/mobile instruction

Create a premiere children’s education and entertainment franchise

We are always looking for the right financial partner to grow our unique business. It’s a hard sell when there’s nothing else out there quite like what we do to compare to, and it’s going to take a lot of money to build it right. But that’s okay, we’re patient. We need someone who shares our vision, wants to be involved, wants to build something truly different, has deep pockets and is globally oriented.

GooGenius will one day be a full blown cartoon media company, applying intuitive cartoons to all kinds of communication needs in print, digital and video. If that sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, we’d like to talk to you. Contact us.

University based,

cartoon directed

STEM and Arts

camps franchise

It’s not how hard you work.

It’s how smart you work hard.

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