The One. The Only.


Making the Comic


    My son with 1st Page.                        3 Point Perspective.                      Original Draw Size.                            The CNC laser etching on the glass.

The laser armature.                                   The laser makes about 10,000 passes.                                        The etch is about 1/1000th of an inch.


My father starting the base.                                           The frame is all recycled wood.                                           Beginning painting the base.

The base took a few coats.          10 minutes after finishing: rain.         Staining the back “binding”.

You’ll notice the casters on the bottom...those are rated for 600 pounds and they broke the first time we loaded the pages on. Happily, that’s fixed now.

Screen printed t-shirts we sold at the first display of the glass comic.         The frames laid out.            Left over wood shavings.       More wood left overs.

The finished pages.                  Each page frame weighs 85lbs.     The pages secured in our van.                 The comic at the Grand Rapids Public Museum.

Everything installed and working...LEDs on.              My father, posing after helping out enormously.       The comic stands roughly 6 ft. tall x 8 ft. wide.

Our makeshift support.         More wooden supports.        The comic with the LEDs turned off.                        Ready for exhibit.

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