The Goo Gallery

The Goo Gallery


Goo Guys & Gals Pre-K Graphic Readers:

Goobert & Goolix Character Values Cartoons:

Caricatures (Pencil, Ink, Quick Event, Fantasy, Book Image...):

Children’s Book Illustration (Lizz-Bitt Lacey Books by Karen Hoenecke):

Business Book Illustration (Innovate the Pixar Way by Bill Capodagli and Lynn Jackson):

Storyboards (Johnson & Johnson, U of M):

Presentation Slides (HealthMedia):

A Graphic Story we’re working on (to share the benefits of breastfeeding):

Invitations, Logos, Billboards, Study Guides, Icons, Ads and Funding Proposal Art:

Character Posters for Businesses:

These are some images of a bit of our work over the years. If you need something in one of these styles,

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Industrial Signs:

Vision Boards:

Charity Caricatures:

Spray Paint Mural on Boxcars: