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June 23-27, 2014


Summer Camps with a Visual Twist!

Googenius University started in the summer of 2008. We teach children 1st through 12th grade to think and express themselves visually. This helps them form stronger associations between stored pieces of data in their brain. And it’s just plain fun! We offer Classic Cartooning and Comics (with manga and graphic novels) classes. Click here for more information.

Character Development Cartoons!

Research shows that character (more than IQ) is the backbone of success in school and life. Give your children a head start by beginning character training as early as possible with Goo Guys & Gals Graphic Readers (Pre K through 2nd grade) and Goobert and Goolix character values cartoons (K-5th). There’s nothing else like these materials on the market. Click here to find out more.

Cartoons & Interventions in Schools!

We do caricatures at school events. We teach basic and advanced cartooning and graphic story classes. We can apply cartoons to any subject. We can help you give a unique school award experience. We also have special NogginToggle courses (learn cartoon drawing techniques that develop right & left brain integration). Click here to get program descriptions.

Business Cartoons

We can help people understand your business with flow and process charts or full comics. We can graphically facilitate your meetings, seminars and workshops. We can help you with advertisements, promotions and storyboarding sessions. And we have monthly cartoons that help instill character values into your work culture. Click here to learn more.

Totally Custom Cartoons

If you can think of it, we can do it. We do standard caricatures in pencil or ink. We do gag cartoons for your office or presentation. We design posters or greeting cards. Icons for your family tree. Sticker designs for your fundraiser. Characters for your app. Illustrations for your book. Even art for stand-ups. Click here for pricing.

Stuff no one’s ever done before!

That’s right, we made the world’s first huge glass comic book!

It’s twelve pages long, eight feet wide and over six feet tall! Why a glass comic book? It grabs peoples’ attention and gets them to think about how interesting and effective visual stories can be. Click here to find out how to get a copy of the story or if you’re a collector, how you can bid to own the world’s first glass comic!

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